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"Mice infested our basement of our home and caused the worst odor and mess. Upon this Wildlife Control Company serving our home, the problem has not returned."

Gina Nelson - Valued Customer ​

"I was frightened to hear noises in my attic. It turns out squirrels were gnawing and scratching above our heads at night in the attic and walls of our home. My wife was frantic until we decided to call this place. I am happy my family can sleep peacefully at night ".

​ Mary Dodge - Valued Customer 

"Moles and chipmunks tunneled throughout our property and damaged our landscaping. Lakeshore came to the rescue! I was assured the problem would be addressed and no hassle it was taken care of".

Gary Jones - Valued Customer 

"I didn't realize anything was wrong at first. I glanced to my foundation of my home and started noticing burrowing holes that were the size of a basket ball. After noticing the holes I called this pest control company and immediately technician Jason confirmed it was Groundhogs burrowing underneath our home foundation. The Groundhogs are gone. Amen". 

Rebecca Wilson - Valued Customer 

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