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Lakeshore Pros keeps your family protected and safe from rodents or nuisance wildlife just like this one!



Lakeshore Nuisance Wildlife Control LLC. is not your average Nuisance Wildlife Control Company. Our Company is locally owned and operated based out of Southwest Michigan serving (NW) IN and (SW) MI. Building a good and strong customer relationship is recognized within our Company polices and procedures. Our technicians are committed in communicating on a regular basis with our customers to successfully eliminate rodent and nuisance wildlife concerns. After all, being a hired professional is valued here and our team will make sure 100% customer satisfaction is taken very serious. Unlike most companies such as larger franchises etc. do not take the extra mile or step to ensure customers are taken care of as they should be. Lakeshore is dedicated in each service being provided to the paying customer. 


Organization and communication should have been our name! Organized business procedures that are executed through strict Company policies allows a structured business such as us provide our customers with the most adequate platform and plan regarding their rodent or nuisance wildlife concern. Both our customers and employees are valued to a high standard. Without excellent employees there is failed business practices and overall not good business. Communication is important and luckily for all of our customers our kind representatives and technicians will communicate with our customers to a high standard to ensure clarification and services being provided are clear. Overall, excellent business tactics are required. Customers will understand our plans to the absolute fullest to officially eliminate a rodent or nuisance wildlife concern. In return, trust is granted to both parties. 

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