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Please glance at our services below! Providing distinct information that can help educate our customers in determining the route to go in making a decision that best suites their wildlife needs.  

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Different Exclusions

 What is an exclusion exactly?

Definition - A wildlife exclusion is a crucial piece of an integrated pest management process (IPM) that involves sealing gaps, cracks, and openings to keep pests from entering a building. Exclusion is one of the best forms of pest control and can reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides. 

Different Exclusions -

- Deck / Porch 

- Foundation 

- Roofline 

- Shed 

- Bird

- Wildlife / Rodent

& More!

P.S our skilled techs use a combination of material that is specifically designed for animal - proofing to keep those unwanted pests out for the long term!

Different Repairs
Humane Trapping & Removal Services
Disinfect / Decontamination Services 

Our wildlife control technicians do not only specialize in wildlife control specifically but also are experienced carpenters. Lakeshore Wildlife has a combination of skills! 

Different Repairs - 

 - Soffit / Fascia 

- Roofline 

- Foundation 

- Roof 

- Siding 

- Dormer(s) 

- Deck / Porch 

& More!

Trapping services are needed if any live rodents / nuisance wildlife is present and needs to be physically trapped and removed from the premises including; home, businesses or properties. Our educated office representatives can go over pricing and details via telephone. 

Cleanliness is crucial on elimination of wildlife / rodent pheromones, bacteria, diseases & More! Decontaminations are performed to a high standard and if wildlife or rodents left behind urine or fecal matter, upon removal decontamination is always recommended for healthy practices. 

Attic Restoration Services 
 Animal Species Our Company Removes 
Deceased Wildlife Removal Services 
Areas Our Company Covers 

Attic restoration services are our specialty! Our technicians are licensed and specialized to remove and replace insulation that may be damaged or contaminated by rodents / nuisance wildlife. This is where a FREE quote comes in handy! Let our experts inspect your insulation and attic to ensure you are provided with a fair price and peace of mind. 

Measuring & determining the correct insulation for your home below! Check it out. 

- Bats 

- Raccoons 

- Squirrels 

- Skunks 

- Groundhogs 

- Chipmunks 

- Rats & Mice

- Moles & Voles

- Snakes

- Birds 

- Opossums 

- NOT DOGS OR CATS (Domestic Animals) 

You may have a deceased deer or rodent / wild animal on your property. You got it, call Lakeshore Wildlife Pros. Not only can we remove the wildlife but also following a decontamination after the removal to eliminate bad odor and of course viruses, bacteria or germs. 

Serving SW (MI) & NW (IN) 

Representatives will inform you via telephone or email on areas that are not covered. 


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